Ehime Prefecture Officials Discuss Internship

Officials from Ehime Prefecture visited CJS on October 15, 2013 to report the success of two UHM students they invited as interns over the past summer.  Maia Singhal (MA Asian Studies) and Joseph Peters (MA Second Language Studies) spent the summer working and teaching in the Ehime Prefecture International Center and the prefecture’s schools in Shikoku, Japan.  Ed Hawkins, President of the Japan America Society of Hawaii, joined the meeting as a cooperating sponsor of the program.  CJS thanked Mr. Morimoto, Ms. Omori, and Mr. Hawkins for creating unique opportunities for UHM students to teach in and learn about Japan.  Students can learn more about the EPIC summer internship HERE.
(l to r) Mary McDonald, Gay Satsuma, EPIC Director Jun Morimoto, EPIC Program Officer Noriko Omori, JASH President Ed Hawkins