2013 Crown Prince Akihito Scholarship Awardees

Two scholars received the prestigious Crown Prince Akihito Scholarship on May 13, 2013. Consul General of Japan Toyoei Shigeeda and Mrs. Michiko Shigeeda hosted the awards ceremony at their official residence. Howard Hamamoto, Chair of the Crown Prince Akihito Foundation presented certificates to the two recipients. Ms. Ikuyo Takara, a Ph.D. candidate from Tokyo University, is researching pedagogy in Second Language Studies at UH Mānoa, 2012-14. Ms. Laura Specker Sullivan, UHM Ph.D. candidate in Philosophy, will research medical ethics at Kyoto University, 2013-2015. These two bring the total number of scholarship recipients to 140 since 1973. The Crown Prince Akihito Scholarship is a Hawai‘i-based foundation promoting understanding through exchange of scholars between Japan and Hawai‘i. Crown Prince Akihito Scholarship Foundation Chair Ed Hawkins oversees the annual cycle of information, selection, and administration of this scholarship: http://www.jashawaii.org/cpas.asp.

Front row (l-r) Mrs. Michiko Shigeeda, Ms. Ikuyo Takara, Ms. Laura Specker Sullivan, Consul General Toyoei Shigeeda
Back row (l-r) President Emeritus Earl Okawa, UHM-CJS Mary McDonald, Trustee Naobumi Nomura, Deputy Consul General Kazunari Tanaka, Vice Chairman Allen Uyeda, Trustee Barbara Tanabe, Chairman Howard Hamamoto, Trustee Steven Sombrero, Trustee Christine Yano, Trustee Joichi Saito, President Edwin Hawkins, UHF Malia Peters