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Through the UH Manoa International Exchange (MIX) program, students have a choice of over twenty universities in Japan to study on exchange ranging from Keio University in Tokyo to the University of the Ryukyus in Okinawa.  On the MIX program, students earn credits at the partner university in Japan and transfer credits back to UHM  A few universities offer summer programs.  Please see website for information and applications.


The University of Hawai’i belongs to the consortium of sixteen universities that jointly sponsors the Inter-University Center for Japanese Language Studies (IUC). IUC offers an intensive ten-month training program in advanced Japanese language study that starts in September and ends in early June. The program is designed to bring each participant to a level of proficiency sufficient for academic or professional use. Training focuses on development of the ability to converse in Japanese on specialized subjects, to comprehend and deliver public presentations, and to read and write materials in Japanese in order to function professionally in academia, business, government, and other fields. The workload does not permit time for individual dissertation research or other research work.

The UH contact person is Dr. Lucy Lower, Associate Professor of Japanese Literature; tel. (808) 956-8589. Applications are available on the website and are due January 15. For more information, write to Inter-University Center; Stacey Campbell, Program Manager, Encina Hall, Room E009; Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305; tel. (650) 725-1490; fax (650) 723-9972; email:; web:


The UHM Study Abroad Center, in a consortium agreement with the University of Illinois-Urbana, conducts the Year-in-Japan Program at Konan University (Kobe). Students attend University of Hawai’i at Manoa-accredited language and content courses at the International Exchange Center on the campus of Konan University. Applications are due March 1. There is also a six-week summer program at Konan University in which students earn language credits at the intermediate level only (JPN 211-212). Applications for the summer program are due February 17.

The Center also has the study abroad program in Machida (Tokyo), which was established in 2004. Students have the opportunity to study Japanese language and Japanese content courses (in English) in areas such as politics, history, and literature for an academic year or the Spring Semester. The program is coordinated by J.F. Oberlin University. Applications for an academic year are due on March 1 and those for the Spring Semester are due on October 15.

For information and applications, contact Dr. Sarita Rai, Director, at (808) 956-5143 (Moore 115); email: sarita@hawaii.eduweb:


The Honda International Center for the UH Community Colleges located on the campus of Kapi‘olani Community College offers student exchange opportunities in Japan. The programs offered are as follows; Kansai University, Aichi University, Osaka Gakuin University, Monbukagakusho Scholarship and The Freeman Foundation Community College Program. For more information applications, contact Mr. Ken Kiyohara; tell: (808) 734-9824; email: kiyohara@hawaii.eduweb:



The Shidler College of Business offers business students the opportunities to study at three Japanese universities. Programs at Keio University in Yokohama and Hitotsubashi University Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy are open to graduate students, and a program at Waseda University in Tokyo is open to both graduate and undergraduate students. Information about the programs is available from the website:, or contact Ms. Rikki Mitsunaga at (808) 956-2486 or by email


The John A. Burns School of Medicine (JABSOM) has exchange agreements with Akita University SOM, Juntendo University SOM, Kanzawa Medical University, Keio University SOM, Kitasato University SOM, Kobe University SOM, Nihon University SOM, Nippon Medical School, Noguchi Medical Research Institute, Okinawa Chubu Hospital, Osaka Medical College, Saga Medical School, Showa University SOM, Tokai University SOM, and Tokyo Women’s Medical University. For information, contact Dr. Satoru Izutsu at (808) 956-5505. In addition, the Program for Medical Education in East Asia (PMEEA), partly funded by the Freeman Foundation, in JABSOM provides training opportunities for faculty and students from various medical schools in Japan. PMEEA informally sends medical school students, usually before their second year, to selected medical schools for summer exchange programs. These schools include Saga University, Osaka Medical College, Keio University, and Kochi Medical School. For more information, web:

In addition, the University of Hawai’i at Manoa has exchange programs with the following universities in Japan through a variety of on-campus institutions (colleges and departments): Hiroshima City University, Hokkaido University, Kanazawa Institute of Technology, Kansai University, Keio University, Nihon University, Rikkyo University, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Taisho University, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology, and Waseda University. These programs are competitive and may give priority to students with specific majors. However, most of them are basically open to students with any major. For more information, please contact International Exchange Coordinator, Mr. Darrell Kicker, tel: 956-4728; email:; web:

For funding sources, go to the Funding and Financial Assistance page.

Information about financial assistance for exchange students is available in pdf format.

ASIAN STUDIES (Summer Session)

(This is not an intensive Japanese-language program.)

Sophia University, Ichigaya Campus
Summer Session Office
7-1, Kioichio, Chiyoda-ku
Tokyo 102-8554 JAPAN
Tel: (03) 3238-4090
Fax: (03) 3238-4091

3-Week Session. July-August
Application deadline: June
Application and tuition fees: 160,000 yen
Housing: 153,600 – 216,720 yen

For Sophia Summer Session, contact Dr. Gay Satsuma at the Center for Japanese Studies, Moore 216, 956-2664.