President Tachibana of Ryukoku University visits UHM

Shoushin Tachibana, President of Ryukoku University and Bishop of the Nishi Honganji Buddhist Sect in Kyoto, Japan, visited the UHM campus on Tuesday and toured the Jakuan Tea House. President Tachibana met with members of the UHM administration and faculty including Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs Reed Dasenbrock. Pictured below are President Tachibana and Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs Dasenbrock in front of the Jakuan Tea House.

Japanese National Honor Socity Recipients

The Japanese National Honor Society (College Chapter) recognizes and encourages scholastic achievement and excellence in the study of the Japanese language. The Japanese program within the College of Languages, Linguistics, and Literature is pleased to report that nine, or one-third, of the 27 Japanese BA majors who are graduating this semester have been inducted into the National Japanese Honor Society. They are: Matthew Groover, Matias Hansen, Benjamin Hood, Meaghan Nagaji, Lauren Ono, Carolyn Peterson, Arlyn Ramos, Joseph Ryan, and Risa Shima. Academic criteria for student membership in JNHS  include:  completion of 5 semester courses of Japanese language study (or their equivalent) at the college undergraduate level; a GPA of 3.5 in Japanese language courses; and an overall GPA of 3.0. The Japanese program at UHM is the largest in the nation, and it has consistently expanded in recent years.  For example, in the last six years, the number of Japanese BA majors has increased 88% or from 121 in fall 2003 to 228 in fall 2009.

*The photo was taken by Dr. Leon Serafim at the ceremony to celebrate the honorees.

Dr. Mark McNally gives final CJS Seminar of the semester

Dr. Mark McNally gave the final CJS Seminar of the semester on Friday, April 30 titled “Kokugaku and Wagaku: Usages and Meanings, Edo and Meiji.” Dr. McNally’s talk explored the perception among many in Japanese studies that the terms Kokugaku and Wagaku are virtually indistinguishable. Instead, Dr. McNally notes, when we examine their reasons for selecting either Kokugaku or Wagaku, we are afforded insights into the views of Edo intellectuals regarding the significance of scholarly endeavors focused on Japanese antiquity. Pictured below are Dr. McNally (with lei) and other members of the CJS faculty in the Tokioka Room.

Spring 2010 J-Current

The spring 2010 J-Current is available for download. Follow this link to get a copy of the current issue. The issue includes an article on the Awa Odori dancers who visited campus in March, the SPAS graduate student conference, information on the ongoing “Poets and Printmakers” exhibition at the Honolulu Academy of Arts, and much more.  

CJS Faculty Plenary Session

CJS hosted its annual faculty plenary session on Friday, April 16 in the Tokioka Room. Pictured below are, from left to right starting with the back row: Kimi Kondo-Brown (EALL and Interim Associate Dean of LLL), Nobuko Ochner (EALL), Theresa Greaney (Economics), Mark Levin (Law), Yuma Totani (History), Joel Cohn (EALL), Kazue Kanno (EALL), Wayne Farris (History), John Haig (EALL), Lonny Carlile (Asian Studies/CJS), Michel Mohr (Religion), Julie Iezzi (Theatre and Dance), Pat Steinhoff (Sociology), Robert Huey (EALL/CJS), Hisami Springer (Japanese Catalogue Librarian), Arthur Thornhill (EALL), Dina Yoshimi (EALL), Leon Serafim (EALL), Gay Satsuma (CJS), Mire Koikari (Women’s Studies), Tokiko Bazzell (Japan Specialist Librarian).