Pecha Kucha Success

Back Row (from L to R): Ms. Camille Mori, Dr. Patricia Steinhoff, Mr. Mattias van Ommen, Dr. Mire Koikari.
Front Row (from L to R): Mr. Stevie Suan, Dr. Hirohisa Saito, Mr. Daniel Allen.

On Friday, October 26, CJS hosted Pecha Kucha IV.  The event was a resounding success, attracting nearly 50 attendees from around the campus and community.  Throughout the evening, we learned about Japanese Role Playing Games being more than the sum of their parts, were given the key to the future of international relations in East Asia (mutual cosmopolitan commemoration accompanied by a critical reappropriation of the Tokyo Judgement, of course), heard tales of one-way sharing of culture by American home economists in post-war Okinawa, entertained speculations on the sorry state of the Japanese Alpine Olympic Ski team,  saw ways of making Japanese Invisible Civil Society visible by examining their gatherings, connectors and traces, and were enlightened regarding how Pure Land Buddhism was responsible for the revival of Shingon Buddhism in the 12th century.  A big thanks to our esteemed presenters Mattias van Ommen, Dr. Hirohisa Saito, Dr. Mire Koikari, Daniel Allen, Dr. Patricia Steinhoff and Camille Mori, and our masterful master of ceremonies Stevie Suan!

Event Flyer.