Special Collections

Included in the general holdings are rare, specialized Japanese collections:

  • The Hokkaido Collection: 1,000 titles–the best in the United States
  • The Nanyo Collection: 691 titles
  • The Performing Arts Collection: 1,020 titles
  • The Satsuma Collection: copies of original source documents
  • The Hawley-Sakamaki Collection: an internationally recognized collection of Ryukyuan research sources
  • The Kajiyama Collection: represents the personal library of the late novelist Toshiyuki Kajiyama, which consists of 7,000 titles, including historical documents on Japanese emigration, Korea, and 20th century popular culture
  • The Takazawa Collection (Archive of Social Conflict and Social Movements): consists of over 50,000 items of archival materials on postwar Japanese social movements (Web: www.takazawa.hawaii.edu)
  • The Tokugawa and Bakumatsu Collection: academic journal articles focused primarily on the history of the Tokugawa and Bakumatsu periods in Japan
  • The Oliver Statler Collection: documents and sources gathered on Japanese culture, history and art over Statler’s career

For information on any of these collections, please contact:

Tokiko Bazzell
Tokiko Y. Bazzell
Japan Specialist Librarian
Tel: (808) 956-2315
E-mail: tokiko [at] hawaii.edu