Seminar Series

Seminar SeriesThe Center for Japanese Studies sponsors a series of lectures (entitled “CJS Seminar Series”) by faculty members and visiting scholars on various topics from recent research to personal impressions of current events in Japan.

The seminar is typically hosted in the Tokioka Room (Moore Hall 319) and is open to the public. In addition to lectures, the Center also provides several workshops of interest to graduate students focusing on Japan, including workshops on careers in Japanese studies, scholarships, thesis-research, and study-abroad programs.

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CJS Seminars are sometimes located in the Center for Korean Studies. The Center for Korean Studies is located across from Moore Hall on East-West Road.

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Past Seminars

March 2016

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Panel Discussion: In & Out of Harajuku

February 2016

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Michelle Daigle – Manifesting Disaster, or “My Minamata disease isn’t over yet.”


 February 2016

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Dr. Tessa Morris-Suzuki Peace in the Valley: A Century of Japanese Social Alternatives and their Inter-Asia Connections