Welcome Back to the New Academic Year

by Mary McDonald,
Director of the Center for Japanese Studies

THANK YOU to Robert Huey, Professor of Japanese Literature, for his nine years of energetic leadership as the director of CJS.  Bob Huey is on a well-deserved sabbatical in 2012-2013.  CJS has 36 faculty members this fall, 14 affiliate Japanese language instructors, plus many students and friends.  A few of us are pictured below.


CJS Office Staff
From left to right: CJS Director Mary McDonald, Office Assistants Marci Chock and Sheryl Matsuo, Associate Director Gay Satsuma, Office Manager Jan Kamisato, and Jordan Trader. Not pictured: Dr. Lonny Carlile.

I started my term as CJS Director on August 1st, impressed by the generosity of our community and donors in fostering education about Japan. CJS is a Title VI National Resource Center for East Asia together with Chinese Studies and Korean Studies.  This is year 3 of 4 in the NRCEA, so soon we will be developing a new funding proposal.

Please save these dates for our rich fall calendar of events:

     Sept 14 (Fri) Kimie Oshima, English Rakugo, 7:30, Orvis

     Sept 21 (Fri) Yoichiro Sato, Senkaku & Maritime Disputes, 3 Tokioka Rm.

     Oct. 5 (Fri) Barbara Holthus, Parental Well-Being, 3 Tokioka Rm.

     Oct. 18 (Thurs) Lunch for CJS Visiting Scholars, 12 Tokioka (tentative)

     Oct. 26 (Fri) Pecha-Kucha 5:30 Tokioka Rm.

     Oct. 30 (Tues) Kei Tsuji, Tohoku Univ. of Art, Textile Land Art, 3, Art 101 (Art Dept)

     Nov. 1 (Thurs) Nippon Culture Day (EALL) at EWC

     Nov. 8 (Thurs) Ctr for Korean Studies 40th Anniversary

     Nov. 9 (Fri) Jordan Sand, 12 noon, Tokioka Rm.

     Nov 9 (Fri) Picnic for AAS-NEAC members, 5:30, Sans Souci

     Nov. 13 (Tues) Susan Long, Siblings & Grandchildren, 3, Saunders 345

     Nov 15 (Thurs) Cold War Culture & Technology Symposium, JSPS, CKS 8-5

     Feb 7-15 Commons Gallery, Ryukyu Scrolls on return from exhibit in Japan.

     Feb 10 (Sun) Public Lecture, Historical Parades: China, Korea, Ryukyus, CKS 1-4:30

     Feb 11 (Mon) Symposium, Interpreting Processions of Edo Japan, CKS 9-4:30

     Feb 12 (Tues) Gregory Smits, Earthquake Prediction in Japan

Please also keep in mind our resources for projects and scholarships.  For CJS faculty members, the CJS Japan Studies Endowment accepts proposals October 1st and April 1st. The application is on the CJS website: http://www.hawaii.edu/cjs/?page_id=84.  Professor Lonny Carlile is the chairman of the Japan Studies Endowment Committee.

For students, the STAR system awards UH-administered scholarship funds, including FLAS, with a February due date.  External scholarships to study in Japan include the Crown Prince Akihito Scholarships (due Oct 1) and the Monbukagakusho Scholarships (in late spring).  CJS Graduate Student Travel grants help students present papers at conferences.  The next deadline is November 1; the four deadlines a year also permit spring and summer applications. Descriptions and instructions are here:  http://www.hawaii.edu/cjs/?page_id=82.

In my term at CJS, I hope to address two high-priority questions.

First, how can we make our knowledge of Japan extend further, especially with tight resources? How can we reach just a bit further into new parts of our own university and community to give new opportunities to students?  Perhaps through technology, innovative courses, or partnerships across boundaries?

Second, how can we help our own member faculty and students shine?  What kind of resources can we provide to best use and showcase all the expertise of our faculty?  I hope to support all faculty and students to make a positive difference.

Please stay tuned in to the CJS website for news and refer to the Center for Okinawan Studies website for even more classes and events. Please enjoy another year of our great synergy at UH Mānoa across our studies of Hawai‘i, Asia, and the Pacific.