General Information

The Cell and Molecular Biology Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences provides an integrated course of study for students seeking a PhD or MS degree in health-related research that emphasizes the increasingly powerful techniques and approaches of cell and molecular biology. Areas of particular strength include cancer biology, neurobiology, marine biology, molecular and population genetics, immunology, virology, and molecular medicine. Participating faculty members are drawn from across the campus: they come from the Basic and Clinical Sciences Departments of the Medical School, the Cancer Research Center, The Pacific Biosciences Research Center, the College of Natural Sciences, and the College of Tropical Agriculture.

The Cell and Molecular Biology Graduate Program faculty have ongoing research programs in areas such a genetics, cell biology, biochemistry, and neurobiology. The program also provides instruction in the basic principles and concepts of genetics, biochemistry, and molecular biology to medical students, graduate students from various disciplines, and undergraduates.

The faculty also participate in the training of PhD and MS graduate students in the interdisciplinary Cell and Molecular Biology Graduate Program.  This program brings together faculty with expertise in biochemistry, cell biology, cell signaling, developmental biology, genetics, immunology/retrovirology, neurobiology/neurophysiology, and reproductive function for collaborative teaching and research activities.

Information on the Cell and Molecular Biology Graduate Program can be found on this CMB website, the CMB Handbook (pdf) or interested applicants can contact one of us below.

The program is directed by Dr. Mariana Gerschenson (Chair) and Dr. Marla Berry (Co-Chair). The program administrator is Lyn Hamamura.

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