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Information Technology Services and the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs at the University of Hawaii (UH) invites participation in a new, multi-year, university-wide initiative focused on the redesign of large enrollment courses using information technology to achieve quality enhancements as well as cost savings.

The University of Hawaii System (UH), in partnership with the Center for Academic Transformation, will build on the successful models and lessons learned from the national Program in Course Redesign (PCR) to create a course redesign program within the UH. The UH program will engage with the Center to support an initial course redesign project, which will enable us to develop internal capacity to support this process on an ongoing basis throughout the system.

Program Focus: Large-Enrollment Courses

In order to have maximum impact on student learning and achieve the highest possible return on the UH's investment, redesign efforts supported by this grant program will focus specifically on courses with high enrollments. Studies have shown that undergraduate enrollments are concentrated in relatively few academic areas. At the community college level, about 50 percent of student enrollment is concentrated in just 25 courses. Those same 25 courses generate about 35 percent of enrollment at the baccalaureate level.

In addition to having an impact on large numbers of students, there are other advantages of such a focus. Many large-enrollment courses are introductory. These introductory courses are good prospects for technology-enhanced redesign because they have a more or less standardized curriculum, outcomes that can be easily delineated, and content over which faculty are less possessive. They also serve as foundation studies for future majors. Successful learning experiences in them will influence students to persist in key disciplines like the sciences. Finally, because those courses are feeders to other disciplines, success in them will help students make the transition to more advanced study.

Program Goals

  • Adopt new ways to improve student learning outcomes
  • Demonstrate these improvements through rigorous assessment
  • Reduce instructional costs
  • Develop the internal capacity of UH faculty and staff to continue the redesign process

During the 2006-2007 academic year, the program expects to award 3-5 grants with awards ranging between $35,000 and $70,000.

For information or inquiries, contact Hae Okimoto at 956-3504 or hae@hawaii.edu.