The Big Boss


Dr. Robert Cowie

Origins and determinants of biological diversity in the islands of the Pacific, invasive species, conservation

Ken Brazil 2012

Dr. Kenneth Hayes
Assistant Professor, Howard University, and Assistant Researcher, University of Hawaii (former PhD student)
Evolution, ecology and conservation of invertebrates

Nori on Molokai

Dr. Norine Yeung
Assistant Researcher
Taxonomy, phylogenetics, and conservation of Hawaiian land snails



Dr. Keiichiro Matsukura
Visiting postdoctoral scholar
Apple snails


Jaynee Kim
Lab assistant
(former MS student)
Hawaiian land snails


Bruna Oliveira

MS student (Zoology)

Systematics, phylogenetics, ecology and conservation of apple snails

Kelley Leung
MS student (Entomology)

Conservation and evolution of Hawaiian land snails


Deena Gary

MS student (Zoology)
Conservation and evolution of Hawaiian land snails


Dylan Ressler
Undergraduate: Rates of land snail shell degradation and conservation genetics of Amastridae


Julian Leon
Undergraduate: apple snail and land snail life history and systematics

Erin Yokote
Undergraduate: rat lungworm as a snail parasite

Chothika ("Mai") Mekonnen
Undergraduate: Hawaiian tardigrades


Damian Dailey
Undergraduate: Hawaiian land snails


Kristine Roque
Undergraduate: Hawaiian land snails


Leke Hutchins
High school senior: Hawaiian land snails



Last updated: 10 April, 2014