The Newsletter of the IUCN/SSC Mollusc Specialist Group
Species Survival Commission • International Union for Conservation of Nature
ISSN 0958-5079

is the Newsletter of the Mollusc Specialist Group of the Species Survival Commission of the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature).

The focus is mollusc conservation. However, many issues are linked to the threats faced by molluscs and there is no good reason to exclude them from a newsletter such Tentacle. So I encourage anyone with anything relevant to mollusc conservation, even in a broad sense, to send me an article, however short, but please link it explicitly to conservation in some way.

The articles in Tentacle are generally from just one paragraph to a page or two, though occasionally I accept longer ones. They are not peer-reviewed and I accept almost everything that is submitted to me. Nevertheless, I will not accept an article if I really do not consider it relevant in a broad way to mollusc conservation. I will also decline to publish articles that I feel should be in the peer-reviewed literature, particularly if they are long.

I especially encourage you to submit illustrations with your articles. I prefer color illustrations. Please send images as jpg files, preferably at 300 dpi - they will be sized to fit a single column, so please remember this when creating any images, especially with regard to lettering and symbols.

I also like to receive citations to recent publications dealing with mollusc conservation, however peripherally, and notices of meetings dealing with molluscs, websites dealing with molluscs, etc., etc.

When submitting an article, please make every effort to format it, including paragraphing styles, heading styles, and especially citations, in a way that makes it easy for me simply to paste your article into Tentacle, which is created in Microsoft Word. Please pay attention to the format (paragraphing, fonts, etc.) in past issues. It takes me many many hours simply inserting commas or semi-colons or italicizing 'et al.' - please do it for me!

Tentacle is published once each year, generally in January. I usually set 31 December as the deadline for submissions, but feel free to send me contributions at any time and I will hold them until the next issue.

Robert H. Cowie