Micronesian Voices in Hawai‘i
3-4 April 2008


“Micronesian Voices in Hawai‘i” Conference
Joint Policy Recommendations

1. Establish a centralized, physical, and virtual (Internet) place for better dissemination of information, resources, material, etc., a sort of one-stop shop for Micronesians.

2. Conduct an accurate and culturally sensitive census of the Micronesian populations in Hawai'i as required by law.

3. Provide clear, consistent information for Hawai'i State service providers on programs and services for which Micronesians are eligible.

4. Establish and fund a pool of full-time qualified, certified, readily available interpreters in all major Micronesian languages (Marshallese, Kosraean, Pohnpeian, Chuukese, Yapese, Palauan).

5. Adequately fund cultural awareness training for service providers.

6. Encourage state agency personnel to participate in regular meetings of stakeholder groups, such as Nations of Micronesia.

7. Strengthen training, bridging, and mentoring programs in workforce development, at all levels, especially for youth.

8. Increase collaboration between Hawai'i and Freely Associated States (FAS) governments on health, education, and other major issues.

9. Encourage FAS governments to better prepare and orient people prior to their departure regarding health and education documents needed, etc., as well as rights and responsibilities.

(Following the breakout group discussions, breakout group leaders met to develop this list of overarching policy recommendations based on the recommendations submitted by the individual breakout groups. For more information on the conference, call the UHM Center for Pacific Islands Studies at 956-7700, or e-mail cpis@hawaii.edu)

29 April 2008