Micronesian Voices in Hawai‘i
3-4 April 2008


Registration and General Information

• Anticipating widespread interest in the conference, ‘Ōlelo Community Television will be taping the featured speakers and the panel session, and we hope to broadcast these on all islands in May or June.

• You must be registered in order to attend the confeŌŌrence! Because lunches will be ordered ahead of time, we will be able to provide lunches only for those who are registered.

• We hope many conference participants will be able to attend the pre-conference talk by independent consultant Benjamin Graham, on Wednesday, 2 April 2008. His talk, “ Social and Economic Determinants of Migration from the Federated States of Micronesia and the Republic of the Marshall Islands,” will take place at noon in the Center for Korean Studies Auditorium, 1881 East-West Road. The talk is open to the public free of charge. There is regular university parking ($3) for those who need it.

CONFERENCE LOCATION: Hawai‘i Imin Conference Center, Keoni Auditorium

BASIC REGISTRATION FEE: $20 for participants and $5 for students (includes bento lunches, refreshments, reception, and conference materials). Make check payable to:

UNIVERSITY OF HAWAI‘I. Mail with the registration form to: University of Hawai‘i Conference Center; 2530 Dole St., Sakamaki C403; Honolulu, HI 96822.

DEADLINE: Deadline for registration is 25 March 2008. Form of payment must accompany the registration. Credit card numbers submitted with registration will be processed upon receipt. Registration will not be processed without payment. (An exception will be made for those registering from outside the United States; participants coming from outside the United States should submit their registration forms by 25 March, but may pay at the registration desk on the opening day of the conference. Please indicate on the registration form that you will pay on site.)

Government and company purchase orders with authorized signature will be accepted and must accompany the registration form. Participants registering by purchase order will be billed for nonattendance unless notification of withdrawal is made by 28 March 2008.

REFUNDS: Requests for refunds, in writing, will be accepted at the UH Conference Center until 28 March 2007. No refunds will be made thereafter. Refunds will be mailed. Please allow approximately three to five weeks for processing.

PARKING at Imin Conference Center:  $4 per day. Must purchase pass in order to park close to the venue.

ACCESSIBILITY ASSISTANCE: If you would like assistance due to a mobility, hearing, or sight impairment, you are warmly encouraged to contact the Conference Center at 956-8204 by 7 March 2008, if possible.

UH Conference Center at  Tel (808) 956-8204.
                                      Fax (808) 956-3364
                                      E-mail yvonney@hawaii.edu