The Mangrove Forest

Joñ close view
Mangrove forests are composed of woody plants (trees and shrubs) adapted to areas with tidal inundation. These distinctive forest communities are located in many subtropical and tropical areas around the world, including a few atolls in the southern Marshall Islands. In the Marshall Islands, mangrove vegetation is not common, but it does occur naturally in saltwater-influenced swamps. It is also found in some inland depressions, where it is probably the result of human introduction, especially the purposeful planting of joñ (Bruguiera gymnorrhiza) in inland depressions known as pat. Naturally formed but poorly developed, small stands of mangrove trees are found on Aelōñļapļap, Arņo, Jālooj, and Mājeej. Some mangroves also grow on Mājro and Pikinni, but they probably are the result of seeds planted by humans.

Additional Information About The Mangrove Forest

Vegetation Zones

Individual Plants

Marshallese Names Scientific Name Family Names
Būļaboļ or eoeak Rhizophora mucronata Lam Rhizophoraceae
Būļaboļ or Kōnpat Sonneratia alba Smith Sonneratiaceae
Joñ Bruguiera gymnorrhiza (L.) Lam. Rhizophroraceae
Kimeme Luminitzera littorea (Jack) Voight Combretaceae
Kōñe or Kiej, Kiejor Pemphis acidula Forst. Lythraceae
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