Types of Vegetation

Vegetation, or plant communities, are made up of individual plants of specific types (species) that are adapted to live together in particular kinds of environments. The plant life forms of the Marshall Islands can be grouped into five types of vegetation. These plant communities are shown below.

For an illustrated description of the cultivated areas and special distribution of various cultivated areas see Island Profiles.

Wūjooj-in-lojet: (The Saltwater Aquatic Vegetation)
Sea grass communities.

Mar-in-ioon-kappe: (The Coastal Vegetation)
Groups of plants located along sandy and rocky shores.
Pat: (The Mangrove or Wetland Vegetation)
Vegetation found along coastlines and inland depressions with salty or brakish water.
Buļōn-mar: (The Atoll or Interior Forest)
Groups of native trees, shrubs, and herbs in uncultivated or abandoned areas.
Kein-ikkan: The Cultivated Vegetation
Cultivated lands, including agroforests of tree crops and other associated cultivated species, and natural or excavated swampy depressions where certain "root crops" and associated weeds grow
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