Albokbūroro OR Kodeak (Russelia esquisetifolia - Scrophulariaceae)

Description: Albok refers to a flower that has not yet budded forth, and būroro means red. Therefore Albokbūroro literally means "red bud." Albokbūroro is a shrub 0.5-1 m (1-4 ft) high. It produces many leafless, four-angled, green drooping branches and reddish tubular flowers.

Distribution: This plant is an alien species in the Marshall Islands; it is a native of Mexico. In English it is referred to as the "coral plant."

Uses: In the Marshall Islands it is planted for hedges and ground cover. Its easy cultivation and continuous flowering make it an attractive ornamental plant. Its flowers are used in leis and wreaths and also for decorative and medicinal uses.

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