Dāpijdekā (Boerhavia sp. - Nyctaginaceae) also refers to Peperomia volkensii on Ebon

Description: This slender, low-lying herb (Boerhavia sp.) produces mats of stems up to 1 m (3 ft) long from a thick taproot. It has tiny, lavender to white or pink flowers. The Marshallese name derives from the small pink flowers, regarded as similar in color to corned beef. The name Dāpijdekāmeans "to hold onto rock."
Uses: Dāpijdekā is used for medicinal purposes.
Distribution: This low-lying herb is a member of the "four o'clock family." There are three species of Boerhavia, which are all native to the Marshall Islands: B. tetrandra (found on most atolls); B. repens (found on several atolls); and B. albiflora (only found on a few atolls). These species are all common in many tropical regions of the Pacific, where they grow in sandy or rocky places near the shore. The small sticky fruits of Dāpijdeka can be spread by becoming attatched to seabirds.

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