Markinenjojo (Vigna marina - Fabaceae)

Description: Markinenjojo (Vigna marina) is a creeping yellow-flowered vine. It is also a member of the bean family, as you can tell by the 5-8 cm (2-3 in) long brown seed pods the plant produces.

Distribution: This common native vine is found throughout the tropics in coastal vegetation and "is probably second only to Ipomoea pes-caprae (Topo) in range and abundance on the beaches of the tropical Pacific" (Whistler 1980:73). It sprawls over rocky and sandy areas along the coast or climbs up over shrubs in some parts of the lowlands near the shore.

Uses: The flowers are sometimes put in ut (garlands). Markinenjojo is also reportedly used for food and is an important traditional source of medicine in the Marshall Islands. For example, leaves and seeds of this plant are pounded and strained with water to heal skin burns on babies. A dried powder preparation is also prepared from leaves and rubbed on burns.

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