Baañke (Cucurbita pepo - Cucurbitaceae)

Description: Baañke is a hairy vine with branched tendrils. It is known in English as the "field pumpkin." Leaves of Baañke are triangular or heart-shaped, up to 30 cm (12 in) long, with pointed, toothed lobes. The flowers are large and yellow, and the fruit is orange when ripe and regularly furrowed. Although baañke refers to the pumpkin producing plant, other varieties of this species (Cucurbita pepo) produce different vegetables such as summer squash, scallop squash, and yellow-flowered gourds (small, hard-shelled, variously shaped, ornamental fruits).

Distribution: Baañke is native to some areas of tropical America. It was introduced to the Marshall Islands after European contact.

Uses: This pumpkin is commonly grown for its edible fruit in the Marshall Islands. Baañke and coconut sap (jekaro) make a delicious soup.

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