Būļaboļ OR Eoeak (Rhizophora mucronata - Rhizophoraceae)

Description: Būļaboļ or eoeak, the "red mangrove," grows to be as tall as 10 m (35 ft) or more and has many arching prop roots. The viviparous fruits, which sprout while they are still attached to the tree (similar to joñ), can grow to lengths of 30-90 cm (1-3 ft)! This type of reproduction reduces the difficulty of establishing new plants in a substrate (muddy soil) that is submerged twice each day at high tide.

Distribution: This genus is found growing along estuaries and bays, and on reef flats ranging from tropical Asia to the Western Pacific. This native mangrove species holds the muddy soil in place. In the Marshall Islands, it has been reported from Aelōñļapļap, Epoon, and Arņo.

Uses: Būļaboļ or eoeak is used as fuelwood in the Marshall Islands, like it is on some other tropical Pacific Islands.

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