Bwilbwilikkaj (Synedrella nodiflora - Asteraceae) OR
Kinwōj (Hedyotis biflora - Rubiaceae)

Description: This coarse, erect, alien herb in the sunflower or daisy family grows to heights of 10-70 cm (4-28 in). Its stems and foliage normally are covered with short hairs. Bwilbwilikkaj has opposite leaves and yellow tubular flowers. Its name refers to a breadfruit (mā) that cracks upon falling to the ground.

Distribution: It is common in disturbed places, often growing underneath coconut and breadfruit trees. Bwilbwilikkaj is a weed found in many topical ares. It is native to tropical America, and most probably was introduced into the Marshall Islands after European contact. This species has only been reported on Kuwajleen, Mājro, and Jālooj.

Uses: To relieve muscular or headache pains suffered in a fall from a coconut, breadfruit, or other tree, bwilbwilikkaj plants are pounded until soft, wrapped in cloth, and put in a tub of water to make a soothing bath.

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