Kajdo (Ixora casei - Rubiaceae)

Description: This attractive shrub or small tree produces opposite, elliptic or slightly oval-shaped leaves and striking clusters of small, reddish flowers.

Distribution: Kajdo may have been introduced to the Marshall Islands by early Micronesian voyagers for its ornamental, and possibly medicinal, values. It is now naturalized (grows on its own) on some atolls. It has been reported from the following Marshall Islands: Aelōñļapļap, Arņo, Jālooj, Kuwajleen, Likiep, and Mājro.

Uses: Besides its obvious value as an ornamental plant, the flowers are used to make wreaths, and the leaves of the kajdo are used for general pain relief. In other Micronesian islands, such as Pohnpei and Kosrae, the strong wood of this plant is used for building and traditionally was used to make spears.


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