Katejukjuk (Eleusine indica - Poaceae)

Description: This common grass is very hard to pull out of the soil, as it has a strong grip on the ground. It's Marshallese name, katejukjuk, means "try to stay put" or "make a community."

Distribution: This weedy species is found worldwide, from the tropics to temperate environments. Although some people may consider it to be a native grass, some scientists believe that it is an alien plant introduced to the Marshall Islands by humans. Within the Marshall Islands, this alien grass is now found on Ānewetak, Kuwajleen, Mājro, Namwo, Likiep, Tuirik, Mā, Kōle, Jālooj, Lae, Wūjlañ, Wōtto, Ujae, Jāmọ, and perhaps other atolls.

Uses: The lower part of the stem of katejukjuk is sometimes used as a baby medicine. It is pounded in water for a bath. Its Marshallese name is from English, or German, for Catherine.

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