Katriiñ (Ocimum sanctum - Lamiaceae)

Description: Katriiñ is a kind of basil, belonging to the mint family. It is an herb with opposite, pointed leaves and an agreeable odor.

Distribution: Katriiñ is cultivated as a garden herb, but also escapes to grow as an occasional weed on several atolls, including Utrōk, Ujae, Lae, Ailuk, Aelōñļapļap, Mājro, Arņo, Jālooj, Aur, and Mājeej.

Uses: Katriiñ is not native to the Marshalls, and may have been introduced before Europeans arrived. This plant is used for medicinal purposes and for scenting body oil made from coconut. It adds aroma to ut (chaplets or head-leis).

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