Kimeme (Lumnitzera littorea - Combretaceae)

Eae ļowājōk e ej diektok kimeme eņ jān? Likūn Ānekōrea.
"From where did the red-tailed tropicbird (Phaeton rubricauda) get the kimeme plant?
The oceanside of Ānekōrea (an islet of Arņo Atoll). "

Description: This native mangrove tree can reach heights of 25 m (80 ft) tall in some Micronesian mangrove forests. It has thin, reddish, knee-shaped pneumatophores (breathing roots) which are exposed to the air at low tide. The flowers of kimeme are bright red and grow in clusters.
Uses: The red flower should only be worn by an irooj (chiefly person). It is the special flower of Jālooj Atoll. The timber from kimeme is very strong. It can be used as house posts. This tree tends to have a very straight trunk that can be sawed into boards. Kimeme wood is sometimes used to make the poles (booms) that connect outriggers to canoe hulls
Distribution: This mangrove tree is found in the middle and landward areas of swampy depressions (pat).

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