Kūtaak (Allophyllus timorensis - Sapindaceae)

Description: This native shrub or small tree grows to heights of 4 m (13 ft). It has trifoliate leaves (3 leaflets per leaf) and stalks (racemes) of tiny white flowers. The round or oval-shaped fruits are also small and turn red when ripe.

Distribution: Kūtaak is a widespread woody plant found in the coastal forests of tropical Asia, the Philippines, and across the Pacific to Micronesia and Eastern Polynesia.

Uses: Kūtaak is left to grow naturally on the windward side of islets by people to serve as a windbreak to protect crops planted inland. It also has medicinal properties with applications for men, women, and babies. A potion involving the use of 3 green and 3 yellow leaves is used to induce romantic enchantment. The leaves constitute an ingredient in a potion that serves as a psychic energizer for children. Kūtaak also provides wood for fishing poles and for house building materials.

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