Mariko (Centella asiatica - Apiaceae)

Description: This small, ground-covering plant produces rosettes of long-stemmed, rounded, scalloped leaves, 2-5 cm (3/4-2 in) wide and deeply indented at the base. The leaves of mariko are somewhat similar to "garden violets" and generally wider than they are long. Its flowers are borne at the base of the plant and are somewhat difficult to see.

Distribution: Although mariko is a widely distributed weed in many tropical regions, it may not be native to the Marshall Islands. It is a low-lying creeper usually found in relatively moist places. Mariko has been reported from the following atolls: Aelōñļapļap, Aelok, Arņo, Aur, Jālooj, Kuwajleen, Likiep, Mājro, Mājeej, Namwo, Utrōk, Ujae, and Wōjjā.

Uses: Mariko is used in some medicinal preparations; for examples see kinwōj.


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