Ňeñe (Ratak), Kalañe (Rālik) (Suriana maritima - Surianaceae)

Description: Ňeñe grows up to about 4 m (12 ft) tall. It looks somewhat like kōñe (Pemphis acidula) and is frequently mistaken for that plant. However, ñeñe is greener in color, and its branches are less rigid than kōñe. Ňeñe has flowers with yellow petals and oval-shaped fruits.

Distribution: This native shrub can be found throughout the tropical regions of the world in its normal habitat of sandy or coral rubble beaches. In the Marshall Islands scrubby stands of ñeñe line some sandy shores, forming narrow strips of just this one species.

Uses: The leaves of ñeñe are pounded to extract juice and used for an infant medicinal bath. The strong wood of this plant is used for firewood, as rollers to move canoes, as stakes for husking coconuts, and in fish traps.

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