Pedoļ (Euphorbia atoto - Euphorbiaceae)

Description: This small, low-lying, somewhat woody herb is usually less than 50 cm (20 in) tall and produces a milky sap. It has tiny white to green flowers and small, three-lobed fruits.
Uses: Pedoļ is used medicinally to treat asthma, as a remedy after giving birth, and as a baby and childrens' bath. For asthma, the following instructions are given for adults only: first, collect three green drinking coconuts and some pedoļ; second, open a hole in one of the coconuts; third, squeeze the white sap of pedoļ into the coconut until the juice inside looks like milk; fourth, let the sick person drink one prepared coconut each day for three days. After giving birth, female medicine is made using the leaves and flowers of this plant. This medicine can also be used to stop bleeding. For a baby or child's bath, pound parts of pedoļ and mix with water. This bath is used for weak or thin infants.
Distribution: This is another widespread native plant found in the coastal vegetation of many tropical areas of Asia and the Pacific. It occurs on most islands in the Marshall archipelago, both near the shore and in open habitats inland.

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