Utilolōb (Ludwigia hyssopifolia - (G. Don) Exell ) OR
Wut-in-bōl (Ludwigia octovalvis - (Jacq.) Raven)

above Utilolōb (Ludwigia hyssopifolia)

Description: This yellow-flowered, erect, perennial herb species is sometimes referred to as a weed.

Distribution: Utilolōb is common in, or near, wetland and taro pit areas in the tropical Pacific. It probably arrived in the Marshall Islands accidentally as tiny seeds riding on taro root crops, such as kōtak or iaraj, brought by early voyagers.

Uses: "Utilolōb" means "flower at grave", and it is appropriate to plant utilolōb to decorate grave sites. Ludwigia hyssopifolia, a closely related species with smaller leaves and much smaller yellow flowers, has been found on at least one atoll, Likiep.

Left Wut-in-bōl (Ludwigia octovalvis)

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