certificate program

Certificate in Pacific Islands Studies

The Certificate in Pacific Islands Studies is designed for students who are pursuing advanced degrees in other areas and whose course of study includes a substantial component of Pacific-related courses and research. The objective of the certificate is to provide recognition of this expertise and to encourage further study of the Pacific region.

Students applying for the certificate must have previously been admitted to the Graduate Division in a field of study. Applications take the form of a letter to the Pacific Islands Studies graduate chair that outlines academic objectives, Pacific-related interests, and the proposed course of study in the primary field. Following a diagnostic interview, the certificate student is assigned a two-person advisory committee consisting of one member of the Pacific Islands Studies faculty (as appointed by the graduate chair) and the student’s departmental adviser.


A certificate student is required to have 18 credit hours in Pacific-related courses or 12 credit hours in Pacific-related courses and a Pacific-related thesis or dissertation. The courses must constitute a logically related program of study and are normally chosen from the list of preferred courses prepared by the Pacific Islands Studies faculty. Certificate students must take at least one of the MA core courses (PACS 601, PACS 602, PACS 603), and sit the MA Written Examination. The certificate is awarded on completion of the advanced degree in the primary field of study.



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