The University of Hawai‘i
Pacific Islands Studies Fall Conference

Towards a PhD Program in Pacific Studies

UHM Korean Studies Center
Honolulu, Hawai‘i
13–15 November 2003

The Center for Pacific Islands Studies hosted a three-day workshop 13–15 November 2003 to examine key conceptual issues surrounding the establishment of an interdisciplinary doctoral program in Pacific studies at UH Mānoa.

“Learning Oceania” featured panel presentations by invited speakers and respondents, as well as roundtable and plenary discussions of relevant themes. Featured speakers included Teresia Teaiwa, Pacific Studies, Victoria University of Wellington; Eric Waddell, Geography, Laval University; Jonathan Osorio, Hawaiian Studies, UH Mānoa; Vijay Naidu, Development Studies, Victoria University of Wellington; Margaret Jolly, Center for Gender Relations, Australian National University; David Welchman Gegeo, Center for Collaborative Education and Professional Studies, California State University at Monterey Bay; Vicente Diaz, Asian/Pacific Islander American Studies, University of Michigan; and Geoffrey White, East-West Center Pacific Islands Development Program and Anthropology, UH Mānoa. Faculty and graduate students from a wide variety of disciplines and programs participated.

The themes investigated by workshop participants included the current and future state of Pacific studies; the intersection and interaction of a Pacific studies doctoral program with Native studies, Development studies, and other area studies programs; theoretical, methodological, and topical borrowings from relevant disciplines and interdisciplinary programs; and alternative media, pedagogical issues, and the place of local knowledges in a Pacific studies doctoral program.