The Twenty-Third Annual
University of Hawai‘i
Pacific Islands Studies Conference


Students on Yap, c1973;
Trust Territory Archives, UH Library

Developing Libraries for
the Twenty-First Century

Honolulu, Hawai‘i
5-7 November 1998

Conference Schedule

Sponsored by University of Hawai‘i Center for Pacific Islands Studies and
the Pacific Islands Development Program, East-West Center.

The twenty-third annual University of Hawai‘i Pacific Islands Studies Conference is devoted to issues and concerns of librarians in Pacific collections throughout the region. This gathering brings together speakers from libraries in many Pacific islands. Included among the presenters are librarians from Pacific Information Centre, USP; New Guinea Collection, UPNG; Nelson Memorial Library, Samoa; Melanesian Studies Resource Center, UCSD; New Zealand and Pacific Collection, Univ of Auckland; RFK Library, Univ of Guam; Pacific Manuscripts Bureau, ANU; Macmillan Brown Librarian, Univ of Canterbury; Bishop Museum Library, Honolulu; Mandeville Special Collections Library, UCSD, and the Hawai‘i and Pacific Collections, UH Manoa.

Panel discussions will cover such topics as current activities in Pacific libraries, bibliographic control, access, instruction, and cooperative efforts. The keynote address by Pacific historian David Hanlon will examine the changing practices of history and archival research in the Pacific. Other speakers will address a researcher‘s experience in the library and archives, the creation of Pacific Islands-related websites, rethinking Hawaiian history, and a teaching unit on Hawaiian historical sources.

This is a unique opportunity for librarians who specialize in the Pacific Islands to meet and discuss common problems and concerns. While the panel discussions focus on library topics, we also welcome students, researchers, and others who are concerned with collection development, preservation, and others who are concerned with collection development, preservation, and availability of literature on the Pacific.

The conference convenor was Karen Peacock, University of Hawai‘i Pacific Curator.