Atamira Dance Collective
Atamira Dance Collective presents outstanding Māori contemporary dance theatre. Made up of leading young Māori choreographers and dancers, and acclaimed for their innovative and cutting-edge productions, Atamira Dance Collective is at the forefront of the Contemporary Dance Scene in New Zealand. Drawing on their unique perspective of Maori culture and heritage, Atamira Dance Collective are known for the distinct and powerful style they bring to Contemporary Dance.

An Auckland based collective, individual members have connections with Ngati Rehia, Nga Puhi, Kai Tahu, Ngati Raukawa, Ngati Tukorehe, Ngati Tuwharetoa, Ngai te Rangi, Te Arawa, Tuhoe Potiki and Ngati Porou. This diversity is also reflected in the individual strengths each dancer brings to the collective.

Atamira Dance Collective's process is investigative, research and concept-based, and also involves an inquiry into traditional or historical concepts. Atamira Dance Collective works draw on Māori kaupapa and design, whakapapa,(genealogy/tribal links), personal stories and korero. As well the collective explore the effects of colonisation, the meeting of cultural protocols, and the layering of ideas. There is also an exploration into the deeper levels of meaning of the word Atamira as the platform for the dead body, or the process of caring for those who have died.

Members of the collective are among the first Maori dancers to train and graduate from fulltime tertiary dance training programmes in New Zealand. The dancers/choreographers are informed by their training and professional experience; and extended by connections to their cultural heritage, acknowledgment of their tupuna (ancestors), and interaction with other artists and mediums in today's world.