Galumalemana Alfred Hunkin, MNZM
Programme Director in Samoan Studies, Victoria University of Wellington

Composer in the Samoan language since 1971. I have composed modern Samoan songs about nature, about love, about social situations and about particular subjects such as food and tapa patterns, to name but two. My singing group, which was popular in Samoa in the early 1970s, included American Peace Corps in Sāmoa. It was called The Sāmoa Fiafia Trio.

Guitarist/singer. I composed my own songs as well for my children to sing when they were young. They have recorded a number of these for Kiwi Kids songs for New Zealand schools to use. I have accompanied some of my songs in public where they have been sung by choral festivals such as the primary schools choral festivals of Wellington at places like the Michael Fowler Centre, as well as in Australia.

Researcher / cross-cultural consultant over many years.

I have research interests in the social settings and cultural usefulness of Samoan songs, among other aspects. A particular area of focus is the features of Samoan songs that render them useful vehicles for transmitting culture as well as history.