Judy Van Zile
Judy is professor of dance at the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa. She is the author of an annotated bibliography on dance in India and a monograph on Japanese bon dancing in Hawaii; editor of a collection of readings on dance in Africa, Asia, and the Pacific; and author of articles in books and serials on the analysis of movement in bharata natyam of South India, dance and issues of identity, tourism and changes in bon dancing in Hawai'i, and issues involved in the use of Labanotation. A Fellow of the International Council for Kinetography Laban (the major Labanotation organization) and a certified teacher of Labanotation, Judy has published notated scores of hula, Japanese bon dancing, and Korean dance. For five years she served as editor of Dance Research Journal, a major scholarly dance publication. A recognized authority on Korean dance, her recently published book (which includes Labanotation examples), Perspectives on Korean Dance, received a 2003 Outstanding Publication award from the Congress on Research in Dance.