Jaynie Rabb and Tiana Liufau

Jaynie Rabb is a PhD candidate in the Department of World Arts and Cultures at UCLA.  As an ethnographic filmmaker, folklorist, and dancer, Jaynie is interested in the intersection between performance and media ecology.  Currently Jaynie is writing her dissertation on the topic of film and folk dance, while teaching courses at UCLA, such as Dance for Camera, and Video Production in the Arts.  She hopes to continue teaching creative and critical media, producing full-length documentary films, and dancing throughout the Pacific.

Tiana Liufau is the eldest daughter of Mel and Riki Liufau in Orange County, California. Tiana began her performance career in Tahitian dance as soon as she was able to walk.  By the age of 10, she was pursuing Tahitian drumming under the direction of Tuko Tekurio.  Tiana is one of the pioneering females to enter the male-dominated realm of Polynesian drumming. Tiana currently serves as Jr. Creative Director for the Nonosina dance ensemble and leads the drum ensemble along with her first cousin Iosefa Pumphrey.  Though her continuous journey to bring Polynesian fine arts to the masses, she has expanded her cultural boundaries to incorporate dance and musical influences from Afro-Brazilian, Taiko drum, and hip hop.  She continues to value the influence that her "Gram" Estella "Nonosina" Reid has in her life.