Stepkingz Crew, formerly known as Time Bandits, was founded by Douglas and Joella Wright, aka Swerv1 and Tweek. The crew was formed at the start of 1999 and is an all-elements crew representing all the main elements of hip hop culture. The crew consists of 22 members from Auckland, Hamilton, Wanganui, Hamilton, Otaki, and Paraparumu and also has members in New York, Japan and Melbourne. The crew is made up of DJs, graffiti artists, MCs, b-boys/b-girls and funkstylists, and aims to preserve and maintain traditional styles of hip hop culture. Stepkingz Crew is known both nationally and overseas and is New Zealand's chapter of the internationally recognised Universal Zulu Kingz. Stepkingz has made a name for itself in the b-boying scene in the last year, winning major comps such as the Aotearoa Hip Hop Summit 3-on-3 battles in 2004, Beat Street and Rawstylez 2005. Stepkingz were also the highest placed New Zealand crew in this year's X-Air 3-on-3 battles, coming second to international crew Fresh Sox from Australia/Japan. Stepkingz is fast making a name for itself as one of New Zealand's dopest b-boy crews and regularly attends events throughout the country.

Dancing members of Stepkingz Crew: Swerv, Tweek, Stretchmark, Khanage, O1, Delite, Are.k, Rumblebee, Rek, Demrok, Kid Kurv, Future, Ken Swift, Alieness, and Lamaroc.