Resources for Serving Marshallese in Hawai‘i


RMI Consulate

1888 Lusitana, Suite 301

Phone: 545-7767

Fax: 524-6499                                                                                                    


Interpretation Services:

Bi-Lingual Access Line (through Department of Health):

John Ishoda Phone: 587-5424; Fax: 587-5617; email:


Limited telephone translation:

RMI Consulate: 545-7767


Interpreter referrals:

Small Island Networks

3437 Winam Ave.

Honolulu, HI 96815

Phone: 927-3053



Department of Education Bilingual School-Home Assistants (who do some private interpretation):

Leona Lokobij (Honolulu District): Call DOE office for direct contact info: 586-3230

Gloria Lani (Leeward District): 677-0177


Individuals who do interpretation/translation:

Clanny Mook (Wailuku, Maui): 808-249-8656

Elma Coleman: 422-4690

Charity Joel: 536-8043


Marshallese Community Organizations

Churches and leaders on Oahu

Marshallese United Church of Christ:

Rev. Lalimo, Pastor

Pacific Gateway Building

1286 Queen Emma St.

Honolulu, HI 96813

524-5859; 528-7017; email:

John Anieu, church leader

Thomas Locot: 842-3519


Micronesians United:

Elma Coleman: 422-4690

Assembly of God:

David Samuel, Pastor (Waipahu): 680-78378 and 232-7008 cell