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Anthropology 610                               Geoffrey White

Spring semester 2001                          Anthropology/East-West Center

Monday 3:00 - 5:30 p.m.                    SSB 322/Burns 2106

Burns 2118                                          956-5601/944-7343; white@hawaii.edu

anth610-l@hawaii.edu                        Offc Hrs: Tue/Th 2-3 pm or by appt.  





As daily news in Hawai‘i makes clear, global tourism is on the rise. But what is tourism in an age of globalization where “culture”’ itself is increasingly a traveling commodity? In what ways might the ethnographic study of tourism shed light on formations of culture and identity in a postmodern world? Specifically, what are the consequences of tourism for host communities, especially the identity struggles of (post)colonial societies? What is the experience of tourists, performers and others who daily enact rituals of encounter in today’s expanding circuits of travel? This course raises these questions by examining practices of tourism in Hawai‘i, Asia, and the Pacific. It looks at tourism in terms of its immediate contexts of cultural display and performance as well as its location in wider spheres of global capital and transnational flows of people, goods, and images.

Given the central place of tourism in Hawai‘i’s economy and history, the course gives particular attention to tourism in Hawai‘i, using readings, guest speakers, and field trips. Students will be encouraged to develop class projects that afford the opportunity to develop research skills in the ethnographic study of tourism in context.

This course is open to graduate students in anthropology, geography, cultural studies, and related fields. It will explore interdisciplinary approaches to the social and cultural analysis of tourism practices and experience.


Requirements. Grading is based on class participation (25%), written assignments—including a weekly journal--(30%), and a final paper of appx. 15-20 pages (45%). Participation will be assessed on the basis of engagement with readings, discussions, course website and class activities. Students will share responsibility for directing discussion of readings, and keep a journal of reflections evoked by readings, films, and activities. In addition to the collective work of seminar sessions, each student will undertake an individual project in the form of a final paper. Projects may be based the student's own fieldwork or on original material gathered from popular media or library research.


Required Books

Desmond, Jane. 2000. Staging Tourism: Bodies on Display from Waikiki to Sea World

Kincaid, J. 1989. A Small Place. New York: Plume

Kirshenblatt-Gimblett, B. 1998.  Destination Culture: Tourism, Museums, and Heritage.

Lippard, Lucy. 1999. On the Beaten Track: Tourism, Art and Place

MacCannell, D. 1976. The Tourist: A New Theory of the Leisure Class.

Picard, M. & R. Wood. 1997. Tourism, Ethnicity, and the State in Asian and Pacific Societies.

Stanley, Nick. 1998. Being Ourselves for You: The Global Display of Cultures.

Urry, J. 1990. The Tourist Gaze: Leisure and Travel in Contemporary Societies.





Jan 8  1. Introduction

MacCannell, Forward, Intro to 1989 Edition, Epilogue, ix-xxvi, 189-203

Lippard, “Introduction: On Rubbernecking,” 2-11

Desmond, “Introduction: Touring the Essential,” xii-xxv 


optional: (Castañeda in press)


film (in class):  Incidents of Travel in Chichen Itza



Jan 15  2. No Class Holiday (Martin Luther King Day):



Jan 22  3.Tourism, Travel, Culture Theory

MacCannell, “Introduction,” “Modernity and Touristic Experiences,” 1-37

Urry, “The Tourist Gaze,” 1-15

Dominguez, “The Marketing of Heritage,” 546-555

Graburn, "Tourism: The Sacred Journey" in Smith 1989, 21-36

Goss, “’From Here to Eternity’: Voyages of (Re)Discovery in Tourist Landscapes of Hawai‘i,”1-30


optional:  Pratt 1992, “Introduction”





Jan 29  4. Global Tourism / Local Cultures

Errington and Gewertz 1989,“Tourism and Anthropology in a Postmodern World,” 37-54

Gewertz and Errington 1991, “The New Traditionalism: Tourism and its Transformations,” 25-57

O’Rourke, 1997, “Beyond Cannibal Tours,” 32-47

Bruner and Kirshenblatt-Gimblett 1994, “Maasai on the Lawn,” 435-470

Lippard, “The Tourist at Home,” 12-23

Besio, “Caught Looking”


film (view before class):  Cannibal Tours



Lutkehaus, “…An Interview with Filmmaker Dennis O’Rourke,” 422-437

Yamashita et al., 1997 “Introduction: Tourism and Cultural Development…,” 13-31.

MacCannell 1992, “Cannibalism Today,” 17-73


guest speaker: Kathryn Besio, PhD Candidate, UH Dept of Geography



Feb  5  5. Geographies, Economies and Politics of Tourism


DUE: First journal reflection


Urry, “Mass Tourism…and the Seaside Resort,” “The Changing Economics…,” 16-65

R E Wood, "Tourism and the State" in Picard and Wood 1997, 1-34

Trask, H., 1993, “Lovely Hula Hands,” 179-197

Minerbi, L., “Hawai‘i” 190-204

Minerbi, L., 1999, “Tourism and Native Hawaiians”

Hawai‘i Ecumenical Council, 1989, 1-7



Okamura 1998, The Illusion of Paradise: Multiculturalism in Hawai‘i,”  264-284

Kent, Noel, “A New Kind of Sugar”

Kahn, "Culturalizing Malaysia" in Picard and Wood 1997, 99-127

guest speaker: Luciano Minerbi, UH Department of Urban and Regional Planning



Feb 12 6. Small Places


DUE: Final project proposal: one-page statement


Lippard, “Trespassing on Common Ground,” 24-32

Kincaid 1989, A Small Place, 81 pp.

Helu-Thaman, 1993, “Beyond Hula, Hotels, and Handicrafts,” 104-111

Wesley-Smith, 2000, “Introduction: Migrant Labor and Tourism in … Palau,” 307-316

Yamashita, 2000, “…Japanese Tourists in Palau,” 437-463.


optional: Bank of Hawaii: Palau Report



Feb 19 7. Holiday (President’s Day): No Class





Feb 26 8. Tourism’s Identities: Primitive / Ethnic / Modern


Urry, “Working Under the Tourist Gaze,” “Cultural Changes and the Restructuring of “Tourism, Culture, and Social Inequality,” 66-103, 135-156

Wood 1998, “Touristic Ethnicity: A Brief Itinerary,” 218-241

Lippard, “Surprise Packages,” “Santa Fe’s Tricultural Trip,” 33-49, 59-87


MacCannell 1992, “Majority Discourse,” 121-180

Adams, "Tourism, Ethnicity and National Integration in Sulawesi" in Picard and Wood 1997, 155-181

Kirshenblatt-Gimblett, "Objects of Ethnography," 17-78; "Exhibiting Jews," 79-128;

Oakes, "Ethnic Tourism in Rural Guizhou" in Picard and Wood 1997 pp. 35-71

Lutz and Collins 1993, "... Strangers," 1-14; "...the Ethnic Other," 119-153


guest speaker:  Quetzil Castañeda, Visiting Professor, UH Dept of Languages &

Literatures of Europe and the Americas


March 5 9. (Per)Forming Culture


Kirshenblatt-Gimblett, "Introduction," 1-13

MacCannell, “Staged Authenticity,” 91-107

Desmond, “Let’s Luau,” “Picturing Hawai‘i,” “Pictures Come to Life,” Advertising, Racializing and Performing Hawai‘i”10-97

Kirshenblatt-Gimblett, “Confusing Pleasures,” 203-248


film (view before class):  Bontoc Eulogy (Filipino experience at the 1904 St. Louis World's fair)


guest speaker: Vicky Takamine Holt, UH Department of Music



Mar 12  10. Consuming Culture: Commodification & Tourist Desires


DUE: Second journal reflection


Stanley, “Preface,” “Why Should We Look at Each Other,” 11-33

Lippard, “Seduction and Hyperbole,” 50-58

Desmond, “Tourism and the Commodification of Culture, 1930-1940,” 98-121; “Up to the Present,” 131-141.

Linnekin, "Consuming Cultures" in Picard and Wood 1997, 215-250

Hamilton, "Primal Dream: ...Thailand's Sex Trade" in Manderson & Jolly 1996, 145-65


Teaiwa 1994, “Bikinis and other s/pacific n/oceans,” 87-109

Jolly 1994, “Kastom as Commodity: The Land Dive … in Vanuatu,” 131-146

Leong, "Commodifying Ethnicity" in Picard and Wood 1997, pp. 71-98

Greenwood, "Tourism as Cultural Commoditization" in Smith 1989, 171-186


guest speaker: Andrea Feeser, UH Department of Art





Mar 19 11. Museums


MacCannell, “The Other Attractions,” 77-89

Kirshenblatt-Gimblett, "Destination Museum," 131-176.

Lippard, “Exhibitionism,” “Curioser and Curiouser,” 88-117.

Clifford 1997, "Museums as Contact Zones" 188-219; "Four ... Museums" 107-145

optional: Clifford 1997, "Paradise"147-187


Field trip: Wahiawa Plantation Village?  Bishop Museum?



Mar 26 12. Spring Break: No Class



April 2 13. Historic Sites


DUE: Revised project statement & bibliography (to be discussed in class)


Urry 1990, “Gazing on History,” 104-134

Lippard, “Parking Places,” “Taken Aback or The Nostalgia Trap,” 135-164

Kirshenblatt-Gimblett, “Ellis Island,” “Plimoth Plantation,” 177-188, 189-200

Wallace, "Portraying the Past at Disney World," "Disney's America," 133-157, 159-167


optional: O'Brien 1996, “Marketing and Managing Colonial Spectacle,” 103-144


guest speaker: Bill Chapman, Professor, UH Department of American Studies and

                                                Director, UH Historic Preservation Program



April 9 14. War Tourism: Sacred Ground(s)


Lippard, “Tragic Tourism,” 118-134

Diller and Scofido, “Introduction: Back to the Front, Tourisms of War,” 17-30 ­

Ledgerwood 1997, “…The Cambodian Tuol Sleng Museum of Genocide,” 82-98

Kennedy 1996, “…The Manufacture of Nostalgia in Vietnam's Tourist Industry,” 1-36

Kelly 1996, “Enshrining History,” 45-57

White 1997, “On Not Being a Theme Park,” 1-11


MacCannell 1992, “The Vietnam Memorial,” 280-282

Turnbull 1996, “Remembering Pearl Harbor,” 407-433


Guest speaker: Daniel Martinez, NPS Historian, Arizona Memorial


field trip: USS Arizona Memorial


April 16  15. Theme Parks / Cultural Centers

DUE: Third journal reflection


Stanley, “Ethnographic Theme Parks,” “Revolt of the Represented,” 36-114

Ross 1993, “Cultural Preservation in the Polynesia of the Latter Day Saints,” 276-84


Stanton, “The Polynesian Cultural Center,” in Smith 1989, 247-262.


guest speaker: Prof. Jon Goss, UH Department of Geography

field trip: Polynesian Cultural Center





April 23 16. Project presentations

Project presentations (presenters hand in 2-3 page outline or notes)



April 30 17. Project presentations / Conclusion

Project presentations (presenters hand in 2-3 page outline or notes)



May 2: Final Papers Due

Course Bibliography



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