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University of Hawai‘i at Hilo


Spring 2003

Anth/Geog 435


Coordinator/Convenor:  Craig Severance, 9747472 messages 9747460

Office Hrs: MWF 10-11, MW 3-4:30; & By Appt. <sevc@hawaii.edu>


Pacific Studies Faculty:  Sonia Juvik,  Jim Juvik,  Chuck Langlas, Jim Mellon, Seri Luangphinith, Howard Van Trease,  Students:



     Any student with a documented disability who would like to request accommodations should contact The University Disability Services Office at 933-0816(V), 933-3334(TTY), campus center room 311, as early in the Semester as possible.


Anth/Geog 435 is the capstone course for the Pacific studies Certificate, and you need to have had other courses in the Pacific Studies curriculum BEFORE YOU TAKE THIS CLASS!


     This is a seminar discussion course,  Not a lecture course.

When I put my hand over my mouth it is the signal that I will not dominate discussion even if I have the relevant information, but that you must talk and offer information.  Readings will be agreed upon a week in advance and you will need to come prepared to discuss the readings at each meeting.  Regular attendance is critical for a passing grade.  The Seminar cannot operate without you! The class assumes you have a good foundation in the geography, cultural and historical and political backgrounds of the region.  Readings will include monographs, periodicals, technical reports and some unpublished materials.  Certain Readings may be assigned for individual presentation and discussion.


Writing/ Presenting assignments

     1.  News source summary content analysis  1-3 pages     10%

     2.  Periodical content review comparisons 1 page each   10%

     3.  Issue Summary & Analysis (wi sources)  2-5 pages    10%

     4.  Visiting Speaker summaries           1 page each     10%

     5.  Monograph Review & critique           2-4 pages     10%

     6.  Seminar Paper & Presentation         10-20 pages    30%

     7.  Participation & Discussion                         20%




     We will try to focus readings selected and discussion around central and interrelated themes in Pacific Studies.  We will draw from a variety of literatures and try to keep insider and outsider perspectives in balance.  You will be asked to attend Pacific Studies Lectures,  readings,  and possibly films.

     We will meet for 2 & 1/2 hours weekly at a mutually convenient time and you will need to attend regularly and actively participate to do well in the course.


Tentative topic list:  This is adjustable to class interests and we will be quite flexible on following up on new and hot topics.  All members of the seminar will BE EXPECTED TO share resources and ideas and to put time into reviewing source materials.  Paper topic choices will be shared by seminar members  so that when relevant sources are noted they can also be shared. Access to the web will be very helpful for finding current info!  Web sources alone are not enough.  Part of the course is to make you aware of all sources of data and info so you can critically evaluate them!



Week 1.   Intros  Organization


Week 2    Insider/outsider voices   Hau'ofa et al, Ward

          Approaches to scholarship  Vayda & Rappaport


Week 3    Insider voices continued  Thaman, Shankman, Va'a Ward

Week 4    Historical backgrounds,  Kiste, Wesley Smith,


Week 5    Environments and sustainability

          Halapua,  Waddell ???


Week 6    Technologies??      Energy, housing transport?


Week 7    Fisheries,  Sea & Reef tenure   Johannes, Veyetaki??

Week 8    LOS. EEZ, UN & FFA   Doulman, MHLC


Week 9    Agriculture & Tourism    Wendt?  Thaman


Week 10   Social Issues.  Alcohol, drugs    Marshall?


Week 11   Abuse & suicide, (Hezel, Rubinstein) Sipolo?

Week 12   Identities  Festival of Arts  (Voi, Jolly, White)


Week 13   Literature   Hereniko,  Teiawa


Week 14  Thoughts on the future of Pacific Scholarship


Week 15  Whither Pacifica,  Paper project presentations


Week 16  Closure,  Paper project presentations          





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