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Peoples of the Pacific

Anthropology 4683
Summer 1992


Instructor: Lamont Lindstrom
Department of Anthropology
University of Tulsa
Tulsa, OK 74104-3189

This courses provides a broad overview of cultures of the Pacific, past and present, through examination of several topics of general anthropological importance. The course reviews the Pacific of the past (its prehistory, settlement, traditional ways of life) and also the Pacific of the present which faces problems of remnant colonialism, urbanism, economic development, increasing tourism, environmental degradation, atomic testing, and the like.

READINGS: I. Campbell -- A History of the Pacific Islands
A. Wendt -- Flying Fox in a Freedom Tree
D. Hayano -- Road through the Rain Forest
M. Ward -- Nest in the Wind

ASSESSMENT: Midterm 30%
Research Project 40%
Response Essays, Map Quiz, Class Participation 30%



May 19 Pacific Studies


21 Human Settlement (Read Campbell Cpt. 1, 2)
VIDEO: Voyagers of the Pacific

26 Land and Sea
VIDEO: Shark Callers of Kontu

28 European Exploration and Colonialization
(Read Campbell Cpt. 3 - 10)
VIDEO: First Contact
DISCUSSION of Flying Fox

June 2 Anthropology's "Island Laboratory"
(Read Campbell Cpt. 11 - 13)
VIDEO: Margaret Mead and Samoa

4 The Pacific Village
VIDEO: Malangan Labadama
DISCUSSION of Road through the Rain Forest



9 The Pacific War (Read Campbell Cpt . 14 )
VIDEO: Angels of War



16 NO CLASS (Work on Research Project in Library)


18 Kastom and Nationalism (Read Campbell Cpt. 15 - 17)
VIDEO: The Lau

23 Drugs, Traditional and Modern, and the World System
VIDEO: Trobriand Cricket
DISCUSSION of Nest in the Wind

25 Class Research Project Presentations


1. Discuss changes in the way of looking at Pacific Islanders and their cultures since the l9th century. What kinds of people wrote about the Pacific, what interested them and why?


2. Discuss what Alan Morehead calls "the fatal impact" of white intrusion into the Pacific, Using data from several different areas, assess whether or not the pattern of change was everywhere the same and judge the "fatality" of the impact.


3. Compare and contrast in at least three areas the adaptation of islanders to their environment.


4. Discuss missionary activity and its effects on Pacific cultures, for different denominations ant/or different areas.


5. Assess the growth and progress of archaeology in the Pacific.


6. The novelists (i.e., B. Grimshaw, L. Becke, J. London, J. Michener, Nordhoff and Hall ant many more): make a critical appraisal of the view of Pacific cultures and the effects of alien influences that novelists have presented to their readers.


7. Discuss the meaning and function of art in the context of Pacific social life, religion and worldview.


8. Select a well documented Pacific ritual and analyze it either in symbolic or structural terns.


9. Does the work of female anthropologists (Annette Weiner, Margaret Head, Marilyn Strathern, Ann Chowning etc.) who have written about the Pacific suggest that many male researchers have perhaps presented a biased view of women's role in society?


10. Try your hand at explaining male-female differentiation, or sexual antagonism, in Melanesia.


11. Discuss the place of the Pacific Islanders in the rise of anthropological theory.

. .

12. Discuss the nature of political leadership in Pacific societies, either traditionally or in the contemporary situation.


13. Evaluate the symbolic supports for the construction of nationalism in a new Pacific state (i.e., land, customs language).


14. Discuss the Hawaiian sovereignty movement, and its relations with other native american political endeavors.


15. What is the touristic portrayal of the Pacific, and what are its economical and political effects in the islands?


16. What's happening to Pacific art today?


17. Why is Cheyenne Brando in jail in Tahiti?


18. What's the new genetic evidence for Pacific settlement?


19. What are the Japanese doing again in the Pacific?




Pacific Sources at the University of Tulsa






*Oceania, Anthropological Forum, Journal de la Societe des Oceanistes, *Mankind, Journal of the Polynesian Society, Journal of Pacific History, New Guinea Research Bulletin, Pacific Studies, Pacific Islands Monthly, *Atoll Research Bulletin. (*In the TU collection)





A. General Pacific


Beaglehole, J. Exploration of the Pacific.
Brown, J. Peoples and Problems of the Pacific.
Daws, G. A Dream of Islands.
Finney, B. Pacific Navigation and Voyaging.
Furnass, J. Anatomy of Paradise.
Howells, W. The Pacific Islanders.
Marshall, M. Siblingship in Oceania.
O'Brien, D. Rethinking Women's Roles: Perspectives from the Pacific.
Oliver, D. The Pacific Islands.
Shutler and Shutler. Oceanic Prehistory.

B. General Melanesia


Attenborough, D. People of Paradise.
Lawrence, P. and Meggitt, M. Gods, Ghosts and Men in Melanesia.
Rodman, M. The Pacification of Melanesia.
Worsley, P. The Trumpet Shall Sound.


C. Papua New Guinea (and Irian Jaya)


Bateson, G. Naven.
Berdt, R. and Lawrence, P. Politics in New Guinea.
Bjerre, J. The Last Cannibals.
Blackwood, B. Both Sides of the Buka Passage.
Brown, P. The Chimbu.
Brown, P. and Tuzin, D. The Ethnography of Cannibalism.
Clay, B. Pinikindu.
Clune, F. Somewhere in New Guinea.
Epstein, A. The Politics of Dependence.
Errington, F. Karavar.
Feil, D. Ways of Exchange.
Fisk, E. Ne w Guinea on the Threshold.
Fortune, R. Sorcerers of Dobu.
Gewertz, D. Sepik River Societies.
Gregory, C. Gifts and Commodities.
Herdt, G. Rituals of Manhood.
Hogbin, H. The Leaders and the Led.
Hutchins, E. Culture and Inference: A Trobriand Case Study.
Lawrence, P. The Garia.
Lewis, G. Day of Shining Red.
Malinowski, B. Coral Gardens and their Magic.
Malinowski, B. Argonauts of the Western Pacific.
Matches, M. Savage Paradise.
Mead, M. Growing Up in New Guinea.
Mead, M. Sex and Temperament in Three Primitive Societies.
Mosko, M. Quadripartite Structures.
Mytinger, C. New Guinea Headhunt.
Newman, P. Knowing the Gururumba.
Pataki-Schweizer, K. A New Guinea Landscape.
Pospisil, L. The Kapauku Papuans of West New Guinea.
Powdermaker, H. Life in Lifu.
Rappaport, R. Pigs for the Ancestors.
Read, K. The High Valley.
Romanucci-Ross, L. Mead's Other Manus.
Rubel, P. and Rosman, A. Your Own Pigs You May Not Eat.
Sankoff, G. The Social Life of Language.
Saville, W. In Unknown New Guinea.
Schwimmer, E. Exchange in the Social Structure of the Orokaiva.
Souter, G. New Guinea: The Last Unknown.
Steensberg, A. New Guinea Gardens.
Strathern, A. Inequality in the New Guinea Highlands.
Strathern, A. Line of Power.
Strathern, A. Ongka.
White, O. Parliament of 1000 Tribes.
White, P. A Prehistory of Australia, New Guinea and Sahul.
Williams F. Orokaiva Magic.


D. Solomon Islands


Collinson, C. Life and Laughter Midst the Cannibals.
Hogbin, H. A Guadalcanal Society.
Keesing, R. Kwaio Religion.
Keesing, R. Lightening Meets the West Wind.
Mytinger, C. Headhunting in the Solomon Islands.
Oliver, D. A Solomon Island Society.


E. Vanuatu


Allen, M. Vanuatu.
Deacon, B. Malekula.

Humphreys, C. The Southern New Hebrides.
Marshall, A. The Black Musketeers.


F. New Caledonia


Howe, K. The Loyalty Islands.
Leenhardt, M. Do Kamo.


G. Fiji


Fraser, J. Gold Dish and Kava Bowl.
Quain, B. Fijian Village.
Sahlins, M. Moala.
Thompson, L. Fijian Frontier.
Wibberly, L. Fiji: Islands of Dawn.


H. Polynesia


Ausubel, J. The Fern and the Tiki.
Bateson, M. With a Daughter's Eye.
Bigwood, J. New Zealand Maori in Colour.
Buck, P. Arts and Crafts of Hawaii.
Dos Passos, J. Easter Island: Island of Enigmas.
Ferdon, E. Early Tahiti.
Firth, R. Economics of the New Zealand Maori.
Firth, R. We the Tikopia.
Firth, R. Work of the Gods in Tikopia.
Freeman, D. Margaret Mead and Samoa.
Goldman, I. Ancient Polynesian Society.
Grey, G. Polynesian Mythology.
Heyerdahl, T. Aku Aku.
Heyerdahl, T. American Indians in the Pacific.
Howard, J. Margaret Mead: A Life.
Jennings, J. The Prehistory of Polynesia.
Kirch, P. The Evolution of the Polynesian Chiefdoms.
Levy, D. Tahitians.
Lewis, C. The Trumpet is Mine.
Mead, M. Coming of Age in Samoa.
Picker, F. Easter Island.
Rout, E. Maori Symbolism.
Shore, B. Sala’ilua: A Samoan Mystery.
Thompson, V . The French Pacific Islands.
Whittaker, E. The Mainland Haole


I. Micronesia


Barnett, H. Being a Palauan.
Brower, K. Micronesia.
Furness, W . The Island of Stone Money.
Karig, W. The Fortunate Islands.
Lessa, W. Ulithi: A Micronesian Design for Living.
Peoples, J. Island in Trust.
Peterson, G. One Man Cannot Rule a Thousand.
Thompson, L. Guam and its People.


[Subject: Pacific/Comparative, Anthropology]