General Information

This subject provides a venue for discussion of the daily life and traditional concerns of the peoples of the Pacific Islands.

During the first four weeks of the tutorials, I will introduce the Pacific Islands through lecture/discussions, drawing upon my own research on Rapanui, as the people of Easter Island call themselves, their language and their island.

After that, students will present their own tutorials, providing the class with background information on their chosen topic of research, but indicating what specific aspect they are going to concentrate on for their final essays.

During the first four weeks of the tutorials, you will get more out of the meetings if you read some of the general references cited below. A reader of the main articles is available from Unicopy.

The outline bibliograph of the Pacific Islands is located in Open Reserve at W1212. It is a guide to resources in the library and on the Internet for your research in this subject.

Grant McCall’s consultation hours take place in Room 148 (Morven Brown building):

Monday 3 to 4pm — Tuesday 10am to 11am — Wednesday 10am to 11am

Contact on 9385-2408 or e-mail:

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