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Because of the breadth of anthropology, anything on the Internet could be considered anthropological. Indeed, most of the topics there have been the object of anthropological investigation. So, the sources listed here are more specific to the broad discipline of anthropology.

The School of Sociology and its resources are located on the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences server at < >.

There are several on-line resources in sociology and anthropology and, even, a few on-line journals, such as AnthroGlobe < >. The reference librarians in the Library can assist you in locating many of these. AnthroGlobe is linked also to WEDA, The World Electronic Director of Anthropologists < >.

The Royal Anthropological Institute maintains the Anthropological Index is available on < > and has been so since 1996. It is an excelent source for articles in the world wide anthropological literature. A rather more general source listing resources in a variety of fields is Web-Cite which includes material from several humanities and social science sources and literatures. It is located at < >.

The Centre for South Pacific Studies maintains a website with references to all the islands of the Pacific. The URL is

The reference librarians in the Library can assist you in locating many more resources that will be useful to you in your studies of the Pacific Islands.

You might wish to take your study of sociology and social anthropology further and participate in a "Discussion List" managed by the School, called soca-list.

To subscribe to soca-list, send a message to

There should be no signature and nothing in the Subject line. All the message should contain in the main body is

subscribe soca-list

The subscriber receives an automatic message of welcome with simple instructions on how to use soca-list.

To send a message to the list, complete an e-mail in the ordinary way and send it to:

If you have not subscribed to soca-list, of course, you will not receive any of the replies.

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