Australian Anthropological Society Membership

Students wishing to become involved in social anthropology might apply to join the AAS, Australian Anthropological Society. AAS meets once each year in a different capital city and publishes an informative Newsletter every three months with both local and international news of anthropology. The AAS also is the publisher of TAJA. The Australian Journal of Anthropology. There is a special student membership rate of $10 per annum for the AAS, with an additional subscription for TAJA.

The 25th Conference of the Australian Anthropological Society takes place at UNSW from 10 to 13 July 1999. Ask for a programme and come along. There are special student rates. Details of the conference are located at the website: (no longer exist - new site for the Australian Anthropological Society is [updated 2/07/2002])

For further details, contact:

Australian Anthropological Society

c/— Department of Anthropology

University of Sydney NSW 2006

Telephone/FAX: 9351–5489


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