Assessment & Requirements

I invite you to propose your own scheme for assessment, if you do not find the proposal below suitable. Alternative suggestions for individual students should be made known to me, in writing, before Week 7, which will give you time to carry out the work you propose.

Ordinarily, you are to choose an island, an island group or a tribe on which you will work for bringing your different interests and problems to the literature. For example, you might choose to concentrate on Tahiti (an island), the Marquesas (an island group) or the Enga (a large Highland New Guinea population). All will present a tutorial on one of the weekly topics, commencing Week 5. Within two weeks of this tutorial presentation, you should submit a Final Essay Proposal of not more than 1 000 words of what you intend to do for your final essay. This 1 000 word Proposal will be returned to you with comments and suggestions the week after you submit it.

All such Ethnographic/Theoretical Essay Proposals are due by the meeting of Week 12, irrespective of the week of your tutorial. There is no penalty for not submitting a Final Essay Proposal as the 20% value it carries is added to that of your Final Essay.

The essay due at the end of Session is to be between 3 000 and 4 000 words. You should not write your essay until you have received comments on your proposal.

Please consult the "Instructions for the preparation of written work" below.


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