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The intention of this subject is to provide a venue for the discussion of theories and issues in contemporary development studies, not only in the Pacific region, but elsewhere in what has come to be called The Third World by others and the "Group of 77" by themselves. The area of primary focus is the insular South Pacific, as well as broader development matters found also in Asia and Africa.

The subject consists of lectures and tutorial discussions. Lectures will involve an overview of development policies and issues, drawn from a variety of contexts and including the work of economists, economic historians, sociologists and social anthropologists. Guest speakers who actually work in the Pacific Islands will contribute to the lecture, as indicated. All students are expected to obtain an e–mail address for use in this subject. To apply, take your student card to the "Dis-Connect Desk" on the ground floor rear of the library and request a password and directions for use. Details my be obtained also from 9385–1777 during normal business hours. It is not necessary to own a computer to use this service; there are numerous computers scattered about the campus which students may apply to use.

Upon completion of this subject, students will have the basis for:

• Understanding development issues as they relate to both donor and recipient countries;

• Comprehending Australia’s role in the Asia–Pacific region;

• A critical appraisal of the context of contemporary development assistance programmes;

• Insights into how peoples in the Pacific Islands have dealt with the impacts of outsiders on them;

• Knowing the diversity of views in the field of development;

• Discovering ways that they can participate in community cooperation programmes;

• An appreciation of recent theoretical work in the field of development theory;

• Being familiar with the major information resources on development issues.

Grant McCall’s consultation hours take place in Room 148 (Morven Brown building):

Monday 3 to 5pm •• Wednesday 2 to 3pm

McCall may be contacted at UNSW on 9385-2408 and on e–

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