Assessment & Requirements

I invite you to propose your own scheme for assessment, if you do not find the proposal below suitable. Alternative suggestions for individual students should be made known to me, in writing, before Week 7. In the absence of any alternatives, I propose the following scheme, details of which are below:

• Final Essay of 2 500 to 3 500 words (due in Week 15) 40% of mark

• Journal of lecture and tutorial work (due in Week 14) 30% of mark

• Tutorial presentation 10% of mark

• Final Essay proposal 10% of mark

• Participation in tutorial discussion 10% of mark

NB: These requirements have altered from those in the Faculty and School/Department handbooks. The tutorial presentation and Final Essay proposal have been separated.

As mentioned on page one, each student should have a UNSW e–mail account. This should be used to submit your work and that is how work will be returned to you. Students are expected to research their work using both printed and electronic sources. A comprehensive and constantly updated list of sources is at:

Ordinarily, you are to choose a particular place to which you bring your theoretical and comparative research. In your Journal, you record how you have gone about learning about the focus of your work, what the lectures add to your understanding of the subject and how the tutorial discussions influence you. This Journal should be analytical as well as descriptive and it is due not later than the last tutorial. You may wish to find items in periodical sources that are relevant to your work and the place you have chosen to study. This Journal should be submitted by e–mail if at all possible. Paper copy is acceptable as a last resort. The Journal is due not later than 5pm Friday, 5 November.

Your first task is to present a tutorial, for which you are guided by the lecture and the common reading. Within two weeks of this tutorial presentation, you may submit a Final Essay Proposal of not more than 1 000 words of what you intend to do for your major work for this subject. This 1 000 word summary will be returned to you with comments and suggestions the week after you submit it. This should Final Essay Proposal be submitted by e–mail if at all possible. Paper copy is acceptable as a last resort.

All such Final Essay Proposals are due by not later than the meeting of Week 12 (5pm Monday 19 October 1998), to enable me to return my comments at the next tutorial. If you do not submit a Final Essay Proposal, the Final Essay is worth 50%.

You are expected to participate in the tutorial discussions and to contribute your comparative understanding to the specific topic being discussed. This participation is worth 10% of your mark.

The Final Essay due in Week 15 (5pm Monday 9 November 1998) is to be between 2 500 and 3 500 words. This should be submitted by e–mail. Paper copy is acceptable as a last resort.

If you submit any work on paper, you should place it with the cover sheet provided in this handout in the essay boxes outside Morven Brown Room 161. With any paper copy, you should include an envelope of suitable size with the appropriate postage for return of the work once marked. Otherwise, an appointment must be made with the Administrative Assistant to the Sociology and Social Anthropology Teaching Group to collect any returned work after it is marked. Work submitted on paper and not accompanied by a stamped self–address envelope shall be available for collection around the first week of December.

Attendance at the lecture/classes is mandatory. Only in this way can you derive maximum benefit from the subject.

Faculty policy on extensions applies. Please see your Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences or School of Sociology Handbook for details.

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