Useful sources on Pacific development (Literature and Organisations)

For doing any Pacific Island topic, you should consult the Outline Bibliography on the Pacific Islands in "Open Reserve" at W 1298, which contains details of readings in our Library about the Pacific Islands, as well as theoretical work on aspects of development in the region. This is your primary guide for work in this subject. It contains also a guide to journals in the library, bookshops, sites on the World Wide Web and other information for those studying the Pacific Islands.

There is no textbook for this subject. However, to gain a good overview of the Pacific islands, there is an authoritative tourist guide with useful historical and cultural:

Stanley, David. 1996. South Pacific handbook. Sixth Edition. Chico, Moon Publications. ISBN 1566910404
            [local distributor is E. J. Dwyer (Australia) Pty. Ltd., Locked Bag 71, Alexandria NSW 2015; Telephone 550–2355; FAX: 519-3218. Original Publishers: AUD 29.95

Pacific Islands, specialist guides and surveys

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Some general works on ODA (Official Development Assistance or "Aid")

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Development & the environment

AIDAB (Australian International Development Assistance Bureau). 1991. Ecologically sustainable development. Canberra, Australian Government Publishing Service.

A special number of Third World Planning Review (1982, Vol. 4 (Nº 3, August) is devoted to environmental issues.

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Development, underdevelopment and modernization

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The "Third World"

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Development and migration

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